I own a newsstand in Northeast Philadelphia for last 32 years and Mr. Singh of MS4CONSULTANTS helped and guided me to get a personal and a small business line of credit. He is also helping me to get money for increasing inventory at my place of business. Thank you.

Joseph Monahan, Northeast Philadelphia

I would like to thank you and your team for the aggressive and fast turnaround that MS4 Consultants have performed in order to help us grow. MS4 Consultants group is an outstanding “NO RED TAPE” company that really knows how financing should work and what their customer wants. I have personally dealt with MS4 Consultants group on many occasions and they have come through every time. I would recommend them for anyone wanting to achieve their goal. Believe me, if you do your part, they will definitely do theirs! Again, I want to thank the MS4 Consultant Team for all their support and I would recommend MS4 Consultants group to anyone.

Allen Lawrence Jr., A L Lawrence Farm, LLC

MS4 consultants made the commercial buying process simple and worry free. I leased the space where my business was located for 9+ years with the rent consistently increasing every year. One day a business colleague said to me,” You need to have complete control over your business and the only way to do that is by owning your building where your business is located.” I met with quite a few bankers and consultants who all said they could get it done and didn’t. MS4 Consultants said they could get it done and they did! The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I highly recommend MS4 Consultants for all of your business needs. I didn’t just purchase a commercial space. I invested in a relationship with a firm that will help me achieve my long term financial goals.

Nyesha Paris, Illuminations Salon, Philadelphia

I am glad to let everyone know that I am working with MS4 Consultants for Commercial Loan and Line of Credit. They have been successful in getting the results I needed and making my journey to success easier.

Chetan Amin, Manhattan Bagels, Wilmington DE

MS4 Consultants helped me establish two lines of credit that has put me in a position to purchase more businesses. They helped me increase my income and reach my goals for retirement. Thank you MS4 Consultants!

Kevin Huey, Nanticoke Consulting & Machining INC.
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